Surety Bonds / Guarantees

Surety Bond is a contract in which the Insurer (the Surety) issues a guarantee to the beneficiary that a third party (the Principal) will meet its contractual obligations.
The surety bond/guarantee is intended to give protection of liabilities or contractual obligations of bidding, advanced payment and/or performance. This particularly applies to the construction industry and manufacturing companies. Farosol brokers provide a wide range of bonds and guarantees through our close relationship with our Surety Bond Providers.

We will process your credit documentation in a professional manner in order to provide potential partners with comprehensive information. We will act as your consultant with regards to the wording of the surety and put our knowledge at your disposal.

Your advantage

  • Independence from banks
  • Widening of your financial scope
  • International contacts for providers of bonds and guarantees

Farosol supports flexibility in financing of transactions.