Three of the founding members of Farosol were also founding members of ICBA in 1999 and during the establishment and build up period Mr. Winfried Vogt from GfK was the first chairman for nearly 10 years of ICBA.

As the philosophy of GfK and ICBA has deviated in the last years, GfK has resigned their membership with the goal to build up an international business network together with the former founding members Michael Raleigh (Ireland) and Roger Gilmore (UK).

Farosol network is based on friendship, trust, service quality, fairness, information transfer with passion, heart and enthusiasm, which is the main basis to be successful over years for the future.

Due to the international experience and contacts of the founding partner in meeting other specialized broker companies in Netherlands, France, Poland, Russia & Baltics Farosol has been quickly established with 13 members covering 23 countries.

The needs of our clients are central to our approach and to get difficult things running is our target!

Board of Directors

Angelo Piazzoli

Ralph Reinders - Vice President

Mr. Ralph Reinders

Galina Serjant - Treasurer

Galina Serjant

Executive Board Member

James Riordian

General Manager

Patrick Rice - General Manager

Patrick Rice