The 9th International FAROSOL Conference, Mexico City, May 2023

The ninth International Farosol Conference took place in Mexico City in May 2023. We had an excellent turnout, with the majority of Farosol members from around the world in attendance. The conference provided a valuable opportunity to exchange ideas and perspectives on the current state of various markets. Discussions focused on proposing strategies aimed at positioning Farosol as one of the leading associations globally in Credit Insurance.

Key sponsors, such as the insurers Solunion and Coface, supported the event, offering insightful talks on credit insurance that enriched the discussions and helped strengthen relationships with participants.

The conference also featured complementary and recreational activities that enhanced the experience for attendees. Highlights included a visit to the Mexican Stock Exchange, where participants gained insights into the local financial market, and a cultural excursion to Xochimilco, known for its vibrant canals and floating gardens.

Overall, the event was highly enriching, fostering collaboration and innovation within the Farosol community.

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