Cape Town, South Africa (Sept 28th – 30th 2022)

Our 8th International Conference of Farosol partners took place in Cape Town, South Africa. In addition to the European partners, countries from all over the world were represented including developed and developing territories. As our first face to face conference since 2019, Cape Town represented the ideal venue to re-ignite international co-operation in a fast-changing world. Member countries presented views on credit insurance markets from a number of territories including the UK; Eastern Europe (especially Latvia, Lithuania and Ukraine); Canada; Italy and of course South Africa. What was highlighted is how volatile our global markets and subsequent credit risks can be, and how difficult it has become to make long-term decisions in a world where every event affects everyone globally. The insights were fascinating, the interaction robust and meaningful, and at the end of the four-day event everyone left with new vigour in respect of Farosol and loads of thoughts and memories to reflect upon

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